Molenbuur Consultancy


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Interim management, project management and change management in profit en non-profit organizations

25+ year experience in operational, tactical and strategical management focusing on:

  1. OpsommingstekenInitiating and implementing improvements and change processes leading to:

  2. OpsommingstekenCost reduction and/or revenue increase

  3. OpsommingstekenStaff development

  4. OpsommingstekenIncrease productivity

  5. OpsommingstekenManagement of several departments of various types and sizes

  6. OpsommingstekenFinancial Control (incl. drafting and reviewing business cases)

  7. OpsommingstekenProject Control

  8. OpsommingstekenDesign control cycles

  9. OpsommingstekenImplementation of management tools

  10. OpsommingstekenProject Management (inventory information requirements, translate information requirements into concrete solutions, data conversion-, implementation- and migration projects)

  11. OpsommingstekenProcess Management

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